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DataOmics on Aquafeed!

DataOmics on Aquafeed


We are very excited to share in our blog some results from our collaboration with Adisseo. A study about the health-promoting properties of Sanacore® GM in farmed seabream has been included in the latest Aquafeed Vol 14 Issue 4 2022.

Feed manufacturers and fish farmers are aware of the importance of health-promoting additives to prevent diseases in aquaculture and maintain successful production. But, are the mechanisms that are responsible for the diminution of the infection known to them?

Genomics, metabolomics, and proteomics, ‘Omics’ as we love to call them at DataOmics, can facilitate the characterization and quantification of millions of biological molecules. The genes’ expression and their interaction with them and with other molecules can define the immunocompetence and healthy status of a fish. 


Similarly, the response to diseases, stress and even nutritional challenges can be explored in-depth through the detection and quantification of proteins, including the characterization of their metabolic pathways and interaction patterns. 


Understanding such complex relationships can help identify what happens in the fish under specific conditions. This knowledge can be used to develop more suitable health-promoting products to improve fish health status and productive performance. 


At DataOmics, we performed shotgun proteomics for Adisseo, to better understand the health-promoting properties of Sanacore® GM in gilthead seabream and recollect accurate information about the physiological status of three key tissues of fish health and performance: the anterior intestine, liver, and head kidney.


The proteomics analysis carried out by DataOmics provided a snapshot into the mechanisms of action of Sanacore® GM in gilthead seabream under healthy conditions. We shed light on how Sanacore® GM could improve fish’s ability to ward off illnesses through the modulation of almost 1.500 proteins across the head-kidney, intestine, and liver.


We observed modifications in the level of proteins that participate in important immune functions that are relevant to interconnected mechanisms within innate and acquire immunity. By the shotgun proteomics performed at DataOmics, Adisseo demonstrated that Sanacore® GM seabream supplementation stimulates proteins linked with integrity and immune response in the intestine and impacted proteins linked with innate and acquired immunity in the liver offering an optimal degree of protection to the fish.


Furthermore, we observed the highest number of altered proteins abundances in the head-kidney in fish-fed Sanacore® GM evidencing the regulation of innate immunity mechanisms such as the destruction of damaged or infected cells via apoptosis and the inhibition of pro-inflammatory cytokines. By the shotgun proteomics performed at DataOmics, Adisseo also demonstrated that Sanacore® GM could enable the elimination of injured cells being a useful resource to restore immunocompetence and support fish in dealing with production conditions. 


You find these results stimulating! Don’t you? 


And what do you think about the potential of ‘Omics? Can they be useful in your research?

If you are interested in exploring all the pluses that genomics, metabolomics, and proteomics can bring to your research do not waste time and contact us!



Proteomics to gain insight into the mechanism of action of a health-promoting additive. Rayner Gonzalez-Prendes, Carla Dos Anjos de Souza, DataOmics, Waldo G. Nuñez-Ortín, Adisseo.