About us

What is DataOmics Biotech?

DataOmics Biotech develops and delivers innovative bioinformatics and multi-omics applications to agribusinesses. Agricultural companies have been increasingly adopting multi-omics technologies into their research to develop improved feed, additives, and therapeutics for livestock production and aquaculture. To ensure competitive advantages to our customers, DataOmics Biotech facilitates the application of these technologies by applying advanced bioinformatics methods to explore their research findings.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are driven to shorten the timeline from research to real-world applications. We aim to overcome the obstacles that prevent our customers from adopting multi-omics technologies into their Research and Development (R&D) programs due to the high cost, high data complexity, low throughput, and limited flexibility of methods applied to non-model species. Therefore, we offer custom solutions that rely on affordable, robust, and methods specifically designed to address agriculture R&D challenges. By simplifying intricate data, we decode the results into a user-friendly format to professionals from diverse backgrounds. DataOmics Biotech offers technical support from beginning to end. Not just bioinformatics, but comprehensive R&D services to ensure that our customers gain a competitive edge by incorporating multi-omics technologies to improve their research outcomes.

One of our key strengths is data visualization and interpretation from the customer perspective. We understand that ultimately, what clients seek is a clear understanding of the benefits their products offer. Through our specialized visualization techniques, we translate complex data into simple, intuitive visuals that facilitate informed decision-making.

Our story

DataOmics journey started with a shift in mindset to bridge the gap between academic research and industry needs. With our passion for bioinformatics and R&D in animal production, we get the challenges of understanding how products affect animal nutrition. Thus, we first decided to take over the immediate challenges faced by the industry in deciphering the mechanisms of action of their products that aims improvement of animal health and performance.

To tackle these challenges, we assembled a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled experts in statistics, genetics, molecular biology, and animal production. This diverse team brings to the table a combination of industry and academic experience that enable us to fully grasp the complexities of the feed industry and data science.

Paradigms shift in animal production R&D

Traditionally, research has been focused primarily on treating diseases and improving production efficiency. However, the current paradigm emphasizes disease prevention, animal welfare, gut-health, climate resilience, immunocompetence, in silico prediction models and sustainability.

While productive performance and disease challenge response may be readily observed in controlled animal experimentation settings, detecting improvements in immune status and gut-health? We know that it is not as straightforward as these may not be readily visible or easily measured in the field. This is where DataOmics comes in to assist you.

We will help you to get the most out the experimental data generated by R&D, employing exhaustive data exploration approaches from both a molecular and physiological perspectives.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your experimental data? Join us to take your research to the next level. We can make it happen!

Carla Anjos Souza, PhD

General Manager